The Good Stuff Standard

Our instructors work hard to build lessons around songs that you choose and want to learn to play. However, we do have certain content quality guidelines for what we will teach. We call this the Good Stuff Standard.

How do you determine if something isn’t “good stuff”?

It’s really about the content and vocabulary of the lyrics. If wewouldn’t feel comfortable having you sing your chosen song in front of your grandma and your pastor, we will ask for another song recommendation until we find one that has only good stuff in it.

What would cause a song to fail the Good Stuff Standard?

Inappropriate language, sexual content, glamorization of drug or alcohol abuse or irreverent references to God or spiritual things.

What if it doesn’t have any bad words?

Just because it has no bad words doesn’t mean it has good content. Some songs are written very creatively and the ideas don’t meet the Good Stuff Standard even though the words aren’t bad.

What about those tunes that are music lesson classics?

Sometimes we may learn songs instrumentally so you can work on signature licks or study a certain artists’ style of playing.

What if my parents are OK with the song?

That’s cool… then you can listen to it on your iPod. However, the songs that we put in your folder or that you perform at a Student Showcase represent our store and our standards… and this is the standard we choose. If you are seriously uncomfortable with the Good Stuff Standard, we can try to help you find a teacher who will help you meet your goals.

This commitment to quality is not always easy and will mean that we may pass up on songs that your friends might learn online or from other teachers. We’re OK with that because we provide more than just music lessons. We want good stuff ringing in your ears as you practice!

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