Music Programs & Pricing

We offer fun, creative and organized lessons on a variety of instruments, customized to the student’s goals and guided by the instructor’s expertise.

  • Classes (45-minute weekly class, $99 per 8 week session)
    • Baby Sprouts (ages newborn-3 years)
    • Bean Sprouts (ages 4-6 years)
    • Guitar Class (varying levels and ages)
  • Private Lessons (30-minute weekly lesson, $85 per month)*
  • Main Stage (60-minute weekly band class, $100 per month)

*Private lessons are available in-person or online via Skype or Google Hangout.


We currently offer lessons in the following instruments:

  • guitar (acoustic & electric)
  • bass
  • drum kit
  • piano
  • mandolin
  • banjo
  • ukulele


Why take lessons with Beans & Strings? Take a look at the things that make us different from your average music lesson experience and you’ll find out.

  • Fun, creative & organized. We work hard to provide a great learning environment that meets the needs of the student and the parent. Students need lessons that grab their attention and inspire learning through fun and creative teaching methods. We hire individuals with great relational skills and train them to be incredible instructors who are constantly looking for better ways to teach. Parents need lessons that provide vision, clear instruction, and measurable progress. Our instructors prepare their lessons from our own teaching materials or industry-standard method books and send home printed materials as well as weekly email lesson notes so students have a clear practice plan and parents can track results.
  • Customized to the student’s goals, guided by the instructor’s expertise. Our instructors will frequently ask, “Is there a song you want to learn?” We do this because all students want to discover how to play songs they like. However, our instructors know what the student needs to learn as a developing musician. He/she will bounce the student’s suggestions off of our lesson material and try to find songs that will help achieve the student’s goals while also laying a solid foundation in music. This means that 70% of the time, students will be working on stuff they like! Awesome! 30% of the time students will be working on recommendations by the instructor that will lead them out of their comfort zone and into challenging new discoveries. Also awesome!
  • The Good Stuff Standard. Our instructors work hard to build lessons around songs that the students choose and want to learn to play. However, we do have certain content quality guidelines for what we will teach. We call this the Good Stuff Standard. Find out more about it here.
  • More than music lessons. Music education provides a laboratory in which students can learn incredibly valuable life lessons. Our goal is to help our students set and achieve goals while developing diligence, focus, self-discipline, and confidence. Along with actual music instruction, our students benefit from performance opportunities and an amazing community of students and instructors who help one another reach their potential.
  • Incredible value. Music is a family affair for many people. We offer discounts for households that are paying for more than one private lesson. We also offer a discounted rate if a student chooses to share his/her private lesson with a friend or family member.
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