Private Lessons

For most students, the ideal learning experience is one that is customized to their goals, free of distractions, and structured to move at their own pace. These are just a few of the benefits of private music lessons. We offer two levels of private lessons.

Private Lessons (Level 1) – $85 per month

private-lessons-level-1In Level 1 private lessons, the student receives 30 minutes of the instructor’s undivided attention on a weekly basis. Lesson materials are prepared specifically for the Level 1 student according to personal goals and musical tastes. Lessons are typically song-oriented while also touching on foundational music theory concepts.

Level 1 lessons are perfect for the student who is:

  • looking for a lesson that moves at a different pace than the class setting
  • more recreational in his/her musical endeavors
  • too busy or too easily distracted for longer lessons

Private Lessons (Level 2) – $200 per month (Available 2016)

private-lessons-level-2In Level 2 private lessons, the student receives 60 minutes of the instructor’s undivided attention on a weekly basis. Level 2 lessons are similar to Level 1, but with a greater emphasis on the academic aspect of music. The longer lesson time is divided between skill development and music theory concepts. The Level 2 lesson is not necessarily designed for the student who has already achieved a higher level of skill or understanding; instead, it is the next step for the student who wants to develop in these areas and is ready to become more diligent and self-disciplined.

Level 2 lessons are perfect for the student who is:

  • hungry for more instruction
  • ready to move at a faster pace
  • committed to at-home practice
  • interested in personal growth and leadership development
  • eager to perform in public
  • considering music as a career
  • preparing for a college music program
  • a more serious student

Why do Level 2 lessons cost so much more than Level 1 lessons?

Tuition prices do not simply reflect the amount of minutes spent in a lesson. When you pay for private lessons, you are paying for the instructor’s prep time outside of lesson, cost of producing take-home materials, technology utilized in lesson, time given to assist the student in public performances… and, of course, the actual lesson time itself.

There are two simple reasons for the price structure of the Level 2 private lesson:

  • More is required by the instructor. Just like the student is required to work more at home in order to keep up with the Level 2 pace, the instructor also has to spend more time outside of lesson time preparing material.
  • More is received by the student. The Level 2 lesson is a premium lesson format that provides much richer content and greater benefits than the Level 1 lesson. The student benefits from a wider variety of learning tools, content delivery formats, and performance opportunities. There is a leadership and personal development aspect to Level 2 lessons; instructors intentionally work to develop diligence, focus, confidence, and self-discipline in the student while helping him/her set and achieve goals.
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