Lattes, smoothies, iced drinks, hand-brewed coffee and more. In a hurry? Call in your order and we’ll have it waiting on you.

Ask us about seasonal specials and location favorites!

Reuse your Beans & Strings hot sleeve 10 times and get a short drink for free.

Prices subject to change and products vary in availability.

Drip Coffee $1.82 $2.01 $2.29
Freshly roasted and brewed
Clever $2.43
The best cup of drip coffee you’ve ever tasted, brewed per cup by hand.
Hot Chocolate $2.76 $3.13 $3.46
Steamed milk with rich chocolate will take you back to childhood
Steamer $2.71 $2.94 $3.13
Steamed milk with your choice of flavor
Hot Tea $1.54 $1.96 $2.29
Enjoy from our selection of Mighty Leaf teas!
Chai Tea Latte $3.13 $3.83 $4.63
Get it spiced or vanilla.

Americano $2.34 $2.76 $3.22
Espresso shots with hot water… an Italian attempt at American coffee
Black Eye $2.90 $3.13 $3.46
Drip coffee kicked up with two shots of espresso
Cappuccino $3.13 $3.74 $4.44
Espresso with steamed milk and froth, comes with your choice of flavor
Latte $3.13 $3.74 $4.44
Espresso with steamed milk, comes with your choice of flavor
Mocha $3.27 $3.97 $4.72
A rich and flavorful chocolate latte, also available in white chocolate
Seasonal Special $3.27 $3.97 $4.72
Our latest taste sensation latte to dazzle your taste buds

Syrup/Sauce Flavors: Chocolate, White Chocolate, Vanilla*, French Vanilla*, Vanilla Bean*, Caramel*, Hazelnut*, Irish Cream, English Toffee, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Orgeat (Almond).  *Available in sugar-free.  Ask about seasonal flavors!

Milk Options: Whole, 2%, Skim (no extra charge); soy, almond, coconut, half & half, heavy whipping cream ($0.40 extra)

Too hot for your favorite coffee?  Try it iced!  Any of the above drinks can be served iced in the tall (16 oz) or grande (20 oz) sizes!

Cubano $1.68 $2.15
Espresso shots pulled with sugar
Espresso $1.17 $1.68
Extremely strong shot of coffee with sweet, caramel aftertaste

Extra shot of espresso $0.75
Extra shot of syrup/sauce $0.51
Extra whipped cream $0.61

Frozen Hot Chocolate $4.11 $5.14
An oxymoron but delicious all the same
Frosty Bean $3.73 $4.86
A refreshing, iced blended coffee concoction
Creme $4.11 $5.14
Same as the Frosty Bean but sans coffee
Smoothie $3.88 $5.00
Fruit and ice come together for a blended cup of heaven
Protein Shake $5.00
Whey or casein protein, flavored and blended
Bounce Back $5.65
A whey protein shake featuring oats and peanut butter
Mighty Shake $6.12
A whey protein shake with peanut butter and a shot of espresso
Italian Soda $2.90 $3.32
Soda and flavored syrup make a sweet, bubbly cold drink

B-12 shot $1.50
A little liquid energy for your smoothie or Italian soda
Fruits & veggies $0.30
A la carte or in your smoothie
Protein $1.50
An extra scoop of protein powder
Peanut butter $0.40
It’s glorious…
Fruit purée $0.60
All natural, no sugar added sweetness for your smoothie
Oats $0.25
When you need a little more than protein powder

Frosty Bean / Creme Flavors: Vanilla, Mocha, White Chocolate, Caramel, Java Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Creme, No Sugar Added Vanilla, No Sugar Added Mocha

Smoothie Flavors: Sailorman’s Sunshine (spinach and pineapple), Pink Creme (banana and strawberry), Pineapple Blast (pineapple & strawberry), Muscle Up (spinach & kale), Four Berry (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry & raspberry), Take Two (choose any two fruits or veggies)

Italian Soda Flavors: Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Peach, Cherry, Cherry Lime and Raspberry

Get creative and combine flavors.  Need help?  Ask about our house recipes.  Want something special in your smoothie?  Ask about add-ons like fresh fruit or a shot of vitamin-infused superjuice.

Looking for an iced latte or mocha?  We can make any of our espresso-based drinks over ice in the tall (16 oz) or grande (20 oz) sizes.


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