Main Stage (Band)

main-stageOnce a student has reached an intermediate level of proficiency on the instrument of choice, the next level of learning happens when playing in a band setting with peers. In our Main Stage band program, students progress through our three band levels in order to “pay their dues” and develop the skills necessary to contribute to a musical team effort.

Main Stage bands have one 60-minute rehearsal per week that is guided by an instructor (bands are encouraged to rehearse more than once a week on their own time). Main Stage tuition is $100 per month.

Three Levels

Garage band. The first level in the Main Stage program is the garage band. All Main Stage students begin in a garage band and they graduate to the cover and artist levels as individuals or as complete bands. In this level, the band “belongs” to the instructors and the students are participants in it. The instructors choose and arrange the songs, orchestrate the band, plan the practices and book any performances (mainly in-store Student Showcases).

In the garage band, the student learns how to:

  • work with others as a team
  • become self-directed in at-home practice
  • arrange songs
  • orchestrate a band and listen to its individual parts (other than the one he/she is playing)

Cover band. The second level in the Main Stage program is the cover band. Students in a cover band have proven themselves through their hard work and personal development in garage band and are ready for the next step. In this level, the band still “belongs” to the instructors but students are involved to a greater degree in decision-making processes. Instructors still heavily influence the choice of songs and general direction for the band while inviting the input of band members. Instructors book performances for the band at community festivals and events as well as at in-store Student Showcases. Cover bands are identified publicly as Beans & Strings bands.

In the cover band, the student learns how to:

  • build a set list
  • put on an entertaining and professional performance
  • load equipment in and out, set up and tear down for performances

Artist band. The third level in the Main Stage program is the artist band. At the artist level, the band belongs to the members and the instructor is present to guide their processes and advise as needed. Rehearsals are still monitored by the instructor but are planned and executed by band members. The band no longer identifies itself primarily as a Beans & Strings band but as its own entity. Members book and promote shows as well as develop merchandise for sale at shows (at the expense of the band).

In the artist band, the student learns how to:

  • establish a band “brand”
  • write original music
  • book and promote performances
  • plan and execute regular rehearsals
  • produce and sell merchandise
  • manage finances for a joint venture
  • plan and execute a recording project

Many Genres

Main Stage is more than just a rock band program. Main Stage bands can perform in the country, worship or indie genres (among others) as well as the many variations of rock and roll.

How to join Main Stage

Joining Main Stage is a three-step process:

  1. Take classes or private lessons at Beans & Strings and develop at least an early intermediate level of proficiency on the instrument of choice
  2. Receive an instructor recommendation to join Main Stage
  3. Audition before Main Stage instructors for placement (auditions are scheduled throughout the year and as needed). See the Main Stage Audition Guide for details regarding how to prepare for your audition.
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