Music classes are a fun, budget-friendly option for music education. Classes are divided by age and skill level and offer students a fun, social environment in which to learn with a group of 6-12 peers.

Our music classes follow our proprietary curriculum and are divided into eight 45-minute classes per session. Instructors send home printed materials and weekly lesson notes via email. Classes also provide an opportunity for the instructor to help the student and parent decide if private lessons are a wise option before making a more substantial financial commitment.

We currently offer four categories of music classes.

Guitar Class – $99 per 8 week session

guitar-classThere’s nothing like hanging out with friends and playing guitar! In Guitar Class, students learn songs while working on concepts, skills and vocabulary. Classes include:

  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Early Beginner Guitar 1 & 2
  • Upper Beginner Guitar 1 & 2
  • Early Intermediate Guitar 1 & 2
  • Upper Intermediate Guitar 1 & 2
  • Guitar for Grown-Ups

Bean Sprouts Class – $99 per 8 week session

bean-sproutsParents often ask us about lessons for their 4-6 year old children. These little ones have a natural love for music but aren’t always ready for the discipline of learning a specific instrument. We developed the Bean Sprouts program to give kids in preK through 1st grade a fun educational experience that includes the following:

  • foundational musical concepts (pitch, tempo, dynamics, etc)
  • creative games and crafts
  • singing and dancing
  • hands-on experience with a variety of instruments

Bean Sprouts classes are currently offered at both the downtown Moultrie location and the Adel location. Call the downtown Moultrie location at (229) 985-0093 for specific information regarding class days and times in Moultrie and Adel.

Baby Sprouts Class – $99 per 8 week session

Baby SproutsBeans & Strings is excited to announce its newest class – Baby Sprouts, a music class for little kids, newborn to three years old. With the help of a parent or guardian, Baby Sprouts instructors expose babies and toddlers to the wonderful world of music through a variety of fun instruments, singing, movement and musical interaction. Our Baby Sprouts director, Gina Napier, is a mother of three and is married to a musician and Moultrie native, Jonathan Napier. Gina holds a psychology degree from Emmanuel College and is a children’s programming veteran with a background in vocational children’s ministry. Baby Sprouts gives newborns and toddlers a fun environment specifically designed with them in mind where they can experience music on multiple sensory levels, providing new experience that aid in mental development. Please contact the Moultrie location at (229) 985-0093 for current dates & times.

Special Sprouts Class – $50 per 4 week session

Special Sprouts HeaderUnder the direction of our Sprouts program director, Gina Napier, and instructor Ben Nieman, Beans & Strings is proud to offer a Sprouts program designed to help kids with special needs explore the wonderful world of music. Special Sprouts is a weekly, 30-minute class that combines elements from both the Baby Sprouts and Bean Sprouts classes. Each session is customized to the needs of the students in that session. Special Sprouts sessions are 4 weeks long to make it easy for parents to give the class a try for their special needs kids.

2014-15 Class Session Dates

Class sessions will begin on the following dates. New students will begin at the start of the next session after registering, not in the middle of a session. The full class calendar (including holidays and Student Showcase dates) is available here.

Session 1: August 25

Session 2: October 20

Session 3: January 12

Session 4: March 23

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