Video Lessons: The Right Tool for the Job?

How could I send my eighth grade shop teacher into orbit? Easy – open a gallon of paint with a screw driver instead of a paint can opener. Without exception, this would elicit the timeless man-truth, “Use the right tool for the job!”Music students often ask me about the online resources that they’ve stumbled upon. […]

Freebie Friday: How to Practice

News flash: there are seven days in a week, 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour. Do the math and you come up with 10,080 minutes in a week. Most music students only use 30 of those thousands of minutes in a lesson with an instructor. That still leaves over 10,000 […]

Quit-Proof Your Goals

I had a friend in high school who was emphatic that he could not learn to play the guitar. “I tried to play. My fingers can’t handle it.” Years later I heard that he had built a home studio and was recording original music – and playing the guitar! When I asked what caused this […]

Why Our Students Love to Rock

“You did a great job performing at Student Showcase. Would you want to do it again?” This teenage guitarist’s sparkling eyes let me know that another closet musician had been infected. She replied with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “Yes! It was so much fun!”Most people have a fear of being front and center before a crowd of […]

Wanna Teach Guitar?

The instructor team at Beans & Strings wants to add a new guitar teacher to its ranks! We are a team of positive, professional, and dedicated music instructors who love our students and go the extra mile to help them succeed. If this sounds like something you want in on, bring your resumé! If you […]

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