The Beginning of Bean Sprouts

When I started teaching music lessons over a decade ago, I would often be approached by a parent of a very young child who was interested in private instruction. “How early do you start teaching lessons? The other music instructor I talked to won’t take kids before they are in second grade.” I understood the […]

What Did You Do This Summer? I ROCKED!!!

Think back to summers past… what were they like? Days seemed to last for forty hours and the start of school was sometime in the next millenium. Some days you hunted for things to do, friends with which to hang, places to go. You were working on your envy-inducing reply to the ageless start-of-school question, […]

8 Great Ways Babies Benefit from Music

As we launch our newest Sprouts program, Baby Sprouts, you may find yourself asking, “Does a baby really benefit from a music class?” It does not take heavy scientific studies to see that music matters to little people; our shared human experiences tell us that! Here are eight great ways that babies benefit from intentional […]

Lil’ Folks Want to Play, Too!

Baritone ukulele helps lil’ folks learn guitar! Note: Folk instrument instructor Darrell Phillips will be teaching ukulele classes on Mondays & Thursdays in May, 7:30-8:15PM.  Get a great deal on a soprano or baritone ukulele when registering for the class.  For more information, call 229-985-0093. We often have parents ask if their 4, 5 or […]

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