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What would summer be without camps? Boring, that’s what! Our camps provide a new environment, new experiences and new friends that will make sure your summer ROCKS! Check out what parents and students are saying about our camps:


“Thanks to Beans & Strings’ Intermediate Guitar Camp and Bean Sprouts Camp, both of my boys advanced considerably in just a short time, from understanding musical terminology to playing and singing new songs.”  Diana, mother of Dylan and Tyler

“Girls Rock! Camp at Beans and Strings is creative-palooza!!! It’s a crafty musical time to while away what normally would be lazy hours. You meet and become friends with campers who used to just be faces that passed by before and after music lessons.  It is a summer experience to look forward to!”  Amy, mother of Elle

“My grandson’s interest in learning to play increased greatly after attending Intermediate Guitar Camp. The showcase at the end of the camp gave him an audience to perform for and an event to remember. The camp was very well-run; I highly recommend Beans & Strings camps for any child interested in music.” Randy, grandfather of Brandon

“Summer camp at Beans & Strings from a 10 year old’s perspective: ‘It’s a great way to see friends, learn new things and play the guitar.’ Camp from a mom’s perspective: ‘It’s a productive, creative alternative to TV and video games.”  Kim, mother of Kacey

“My son had such a wonderful time at Intermediate Guitar Camp! He really enjoyed jamming out with the instructors and other campers. He learned new playing skills that will help him become a better overall musician. Totally worth it!” Angela, mother of Jett

“Rock Band Camp and Girls Rock! Camp offered my kids a wonderful opportunity to expand their musical skills, get to know other kids that love music and have fun with the instructors. The location and times of Beans & Strings’ summer camps are very convenient and the cost is affordable.  Rock Band Camp and Girls Rock! Camp helped my kids see music in a different way than they had in the past.”  Michelle, mother of Ellie and Austin


This year we are only offering our most popular camps, which always fill to capacity, and are likely to fill before the Early Bird registration period ends. If you’re interested in one of these camps, sign up early.

 June 13-17 Bean Sprout Camp with Eric Foster-Whiddon
Ages: rising kindergarteners-3rd graders (some exceptions may apply)

This camp is designed to help lil’ musicians have a BLAST as they are introduced to foundational concepts of music.  Campers will explore rhythm, tempo (fast and slow), dynamics (loud and soft), pitch (high and low) and an amazing array of fun instruments throughout the week.  Each day of camp will include music-related crafts and games.

This is a super-fun, high-energy “music appreciation” camp, so to speak.  This experience is designed to instill in young children a love for music.  Campers will sing, dance, play games, do crafts and engage music in a variety of ways.  However, this camp does not intend to teach campers to play one specific instrument.

June 20-24 Introduction to Guitar Camp with Robbie Pitts*
Ages: rising 4th-8th graders (some exceptions may apply)

Campers experience the fun of the fundamentals of guitar as they are introduced to the guitar as an instrument, explore different types of guitars and begin learning rhythm guitar as they play major and minor triad chords in first position. The difficulty level for this camp is Newbie through Early Beginner Guitar 1.

July 11-15 Main Stage Camp with Robbie Pitts

Ages: rising 6th-12th graders (some exceptions may apply)

Let’s start a band! Campers learn to work with other musicians in a band setting and develop skills in song arrangement and orchestration, setlist construction, stage presence and crowd interaction. Campers must have at least an intermediate level of proficiency on their instruments of choice but do not have to be currently enrolled in the Main Stage program. This is a great kick-start for a student interested in auditioning for the Main Stage program in August and fulfills the audition requirement for that program.

July 18-22 Early Intermediate Guitar Camp with Eric Foster-Whiddon
Ages: rising 4th-8th graders (some exceptions may apply)

Conquer barre chords and unlock the fretboard! Campers perfect power chord technique, build barre chord skills, learn to play moveable chords all over the neck of the guitar, and become acquainted with the cornerstone scales for rock guitar. This camp includes an introduction to foundational music theory and helps the camper do more than play guitar… he/she will begin to understand how it works!

July 25-29 Drum Camp with Eric Foster-Whiddon
Ages: rising 4th-8th graders (some exceptions may apply)

Aspiring drummers will learn the basics of reading rhythm notation for drum set and become drum stick ninjas by playing iconic drum beats in a “bucket band” setting and on a rock & roll drum set. Every camper will get drum set time every day. This camp is best suited for campers with little or no previous drumming experience.


Tuition for all camps is $125 at the standard rate.  A nonrefundable $50 deposit is due at the time of registration. Tuition paid in full by May 1 receives the early bird rate of $110.  All camps have a minimum of 6 campers and a maximum of 12.  Campers bring a packed lunch every day and must have access to their instruments at camp and at home (no instruments necessary for Bean Sprouts Camp).  No guitar? We can hook you up with a great deal on a new or used instrument!

Click here to register for our 2016 summer camps!
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