Why a Coffee Shop Matters in a Hospital

Kelsey Cooper, manager

Kelsey Cooper, manager

On any given morning at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, you’re likely to see a swarm of little white cups with brown sleeves and smell the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Having planted a second location of Beans & Strings right within the hospital, we’re proud to serve a full menu of coffee and specialty drinks to a variety of customers. If you go to any hospital in a larger city, you’ll see the trend of having a coffee shop within the facility. So what’s the deal with that? Why put a coffee shop in a hospital?

Here’s why it matters to the Beans and Strings team:

1. We serve those who serve others well.

Our biggest customers are the heroes of this community and the heartbeat of this hospital – the nurses, doctors, surgeons, EMTs and administrators. It is an honor to serve coffee, give an energy boost or even just a warm smile to people who give of themselves in one of the most important places in our community. If a cup of Beans & Strings coffee can help a nurse finish her 12 hour shift strong or a surgeon have extra focus for the next procedure, then we are honored to serve and support them as they serve and support others.

2. We offer a moment of rest for the family.

Every day, our staff comes across people who are fighting battles and carrying burdens we know nothing about. Having a coffee shop in the hospital gives a special opportunity to offer a moment of rest and a warm cup of coffee to the family of those who are fighting a health-related battle. Being a caregiver is not always easy. If we can create a place where the family can get away for a moment, relax, and clear their head, then hopefully they can return to care for their family with fresh perspective and peace despite their circumstances.

3. We bridge gaps.

Coffee is a connector. It always has been and it always will be. A warm cup of coffee can act as a common denominator for people who may not connect otherwise. We’ve seen bridges built between nurses and patients, baristas and hospital staff all in the name of coffee. That’s what we’re about here at Beans & Strings: “Not work, not home but some beautiful place in between where strangers become friends over a great cup of coffee and the diligent make amazing discoveries as they learn”.

To us here at Beans and Strings, a coffee shop matters in a hospital because the people matter.

Kelsey Cooper is the location manager of the Beans & Strings location at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. Kelsey loves coffee, peanut butter, people and Jesus. Check out her blog.

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