I’m Glad I Didn’t Sleep Through That!

When my alarm started ringing at 3:45AM this morning, I wasn’t happy about it. My legs were already sore and I did not want to do another early morning run. It’s been over a year since my family chose a healthy lifestyle. We’ve learned to set goals and achieve them. However, I knew that if I didn’t get up, it would be difficult to make my mileage goal for the week and the forty pounds I lost last year would be knocking at the door.

I got up late, but I got up.

When I started into my first mile, I was surprised – my feet seemed to be turning around faster than usual. I noticed my pace as I started the second mile. I was a full minute under my typical speed! I powered through the rest of the run and set a new personal record. For some unknown reason, this run had more go-juice than usual. I thought to myself, “Man… I am glad I didn’t sleep through that!”

I wish I knew what makes some days so productive and some days so disappointing. Today I set a new record. Yesterday I clocked the slowest mile I’ve run in months. It may not be the stars, but there seem to be variables that work for or against us as we trudge toward our goals. I really have no idea what these variables are.

However, I have an unimpressive secret to the meager success I’ve achieved. I remember a day at our local bike trail when a little boy, amazed that someone would torture themselves with running, asked me a simple question. “How do you do it?” My response was pedestrian at best (pun intended). “I don’t stop.”

I run slowly, but I don’t stop. I’m not impressive, but last year’s results didn’t come by doing impressive stuff. They come by doing the right stuff, the boring and unsophisticated stuff that we all know really works. I had to get up and do it. Then do it again. And again. And again.

What do you want to accomplish? Set a healthy goal and go for it with fierce tenacity. Seek out the best marriage or business advice you can find and apply it. When you feel like staying in bed, get up. You have to log quite a few slow runs to finally get one that takes you up a level. When you do, you’ll find new passion to get up and do it again tomorrow.

At Beans & Strings, we work to create an environment where people make amazing discoveries. Some discoveries come by simply being in the right place, but these discoveries-by-association only take you so far. Be active in your pursuit of growth. Put in the time to practice or run or read. Then do it again tomorrow.

You’ll be glad you didn’t sleep through your life.

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