Why Our Students Love to Rock

“You did a great job performing at Student Showcase. Would you want to do it again?” This teenage guitarist’s sparkling eyes let me know that another closet musician had been infected. She replied with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “Yes! It was so much fun!”

Most people have a fear of being front and center before a crowd of onlookers. However, musicians are prone to develop a condition that causes them to suppress this native instinct and put themselves on display for the world to see. We’ll call it spotlightitis.

There is no way to determine who is most likely to contract this perpetual longing to perform. Those who seem too shy to be susceptible often become chronically infected. In fact, some have said that spotlightitis can completely transform an individual’s personality. Professionals disagree and, more correctly, state that this condition simply reveals aspects of a person’s character that have been hidden or overlooked previously.

At Beans & Strings, we believe that music instruction is incomplete without opportunities for students to perform. Without a performance to work toward, students are on a musical journey with no destination. When they set their course to rock out at a show, they engage better in lessons, practice more purposefully and gain a sense of traction in their lessons.

We hold a one-hour Student Showcase every other month in our store. Resist the memories of student performance of yesteryear – our Student Showcases are less recital and more rock & roll! We do not force any student to perform, but we invite and enthusiastically encourage them to participate. Those who do so find that they LOVE the experience.

Here are the top three reasons that our students contract spotlightitis at Student Showcases:

1. Instructors help students rock the house. Beginning performers don’t have to carry the weight of the show by themselves. Instructors will play along with their burgeoning rock stars to settle stage fright, keep them on track with the song and cover mistakes. When students reach a certain level of proficiency, they may choose to perform solo. The instructors will even play as the house band to accompany a student who is ready to rock with the big boys!

2. Performers get the rockstar treatment. What happens after the Student Showcase is as important as the show itself. When the lights come up, performers are greeted by an adoring crowd of fans! The hugs, high-fives and string of “You sounded AWESOME!” comments motivate students to take their learning to a whole new level. Parents encourage each other’s children. Instructors brag on their students. Friends are amazed at the skill and bravery of their rockstar compadres. This is typically where spotlightitis sets in… and students start counting down the days to the next Student Showcase.

3. Students find somewhere to belong. Community springs up around music and veteran players love to encourage newbies. When a young musician crosses the line from student to performer, he/she is initiated into a wonderful society where individuality is applauded. Discovery begins here and the student find a new personal definition. He/she is now a performing musician.

The instructor team works hard to provide more than music lessons at Beans & Strings. Our Student Showcase is one more beautiful place where strangers become friends and amazing discoveries happen.

Have you been infected with spotlightitis? Share your story.

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