3 Ways to Discover Something Amazing

My little boy got his first radio-controlled car for his fifth birthday. It was so much fun to watch him discover the joys of a toy that I experienced at his age. A plaything that had not caught my attention for years became a new fascination for my uninitiated son. Whether it is a race track, BB gun, or a board game, every new toy is an amazing discovery that I love to share with him.

Beans & Strings’ long-form vision statement is to be “not work, not home but some beautiful place in between where strangers become friends over a great cup of coffee and the diligent make amazing discoveries as they learn.” The key phrases of this statement are beautiful place, strangers become friends and amazing discoveries.

Of these three phrases, the latter is a simple two-word target at which we shoot every day. In everything we do – from lattes to electric guitars – we aim to help our customers experience amazing discoveries.

When is the last time you discovered something that amazed you? At some earlier point in life, everything was new and the smallest experience was an adventure. As life goes on, most of us lose our thirst for discovery.

Wouldn’t you like to regain some adventure in your life? Here are three ways you can make amazing discoveries again:

1. Find a beautiful place. As a child I enjoyed wandering in the woods on my family’s farm. I can still envision specific places that I loved: a patch of wild strawberries, a pole barn occupied by owls, an old dirt bike buried just beneath the topsoil. Life is full of tasks to complete, bills to pay and meetings to attend. It’s easy to overlook the beauty that surrounds us in the midst of these responsibilities. You don’t have to be a globetrotter to make amazing discoveries. Start by looking for beautiful places where you are. Some are built on purpose while others occur naturally or by accident. As a resident of Georgia, I am a fan of our state parks. Find your new beautiful place and spend some time there.

2. Meet new people. Every person has a world of experience to share. Find a way to meet new people. I would also encourage you to meet people who are different from you and your circle of influence. Become friends with people who can share a new perspective because of their place of origin, faith experience, family history, etc. Look for environments that facilitate these connections and become a fixture there. Make new connections with only one agenda – to be a friend.

3. Be a diligent learner. Take your brain off of autopilot and learn something new. At Beans & Strings, we love to help people become students of music and coffee. Choose something that interests you and become a neighborhood expert on the topic. There is a world of free resources available online to help you learn anything you choose to pursue. Check out sites like Instructables.com, Wikipedia.org, Skillshare.com and ExpertVillage.

At Beans & Strings, we work intentionally to provide a space to encourage these steps toward amazing discoveries. We invite you to make our shop another beautiful place in your life. You will meet some of the most interesting people here! Our staff and friends will be glad to share what they’ve learned about two of our favorite topics… music and coffee. Let’s discover some amazing things together!

How do you facilitate amazing discoveries in your own life?

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