Wanna Teach Guitar?

The instructor team at Beans & Strings wants to add a new guitar teacher to its ranks! We are a team of positive, professional, and dedicated music instructors who love our students and go the extra mile to help them succeed. If this sounds like something you want in on, bring your resumé! If you are impatient, don’t like people or struggle to be places on time, this is probably not the position for you. A full job description will be provided upon review of resumé if hiring potential exists.

Actually, we would love to have two new rock-star guitar instructors. One would teach less than 10 hours a week. The other would teach about 15-20 hours a week, serve as Eric’s administrative assistant and occasionally fill in as a barista behind the coffee counter. This second position would require about 30 hours per week.

The music instructor position is a labor of love, not a J-O-B. There is an established student roster available for the right people. These students have been served with excellence and need someone to take them forward as they continue to make amazing discoveries in music. We are especially interested in finding instructors who, other than teaching standard private & small group lessons, can also travel to off-site programs, speak Spanish, teach worship bands and work with students who are very young or have special needs.

Bring us your resumé if you are:

  • appropriately relational
  • a mature individual, responsible for personal growth
  • a skilled guitar player
  • an organized, consistent, creative and fun instructor
  • fanatical about your schedule
  • able to receive instruction and correction well
  • able to be a loyal, honoring and respectful team member
  • able to differentiate your personal and professional life in a very casual and relational work environment
Do NOT bring us your resumé if you are:
  • the best guitarist in town
  • the best music teacher in town
  • impatient
  • unable to put in consistent afternoon hours
  • unable to hold a conversation or engage in small talk
  • constantly late
  • trying to find a job so you can pay the phone, car or house payment
  • not an adult
Our instructor team is an incredible group of individuals and we work hard to build a great working environment. Our hiring process is slow and includes a frustrating amount of steps because we are serious about finding the right person to be a member of our team. Please do not apply if you need a job this week.
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