The Mysterious Power of Music

Music has a mysteriously powerful effect on us mere mortals. It moves us on the unseen level – mental, emotional, spiritual, etc – and this movement effects our physical selves. It’s amazing to think about how many levels of the human existence are impacted by music. When was the last time you got goosebumps while listening to a song? Felt an adrenaline rush at a concert? Was moved to tears by a poignent lyric?

Jean Cocteau is quoted as saying, “All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.”
What music stirs you? What songs, albums or artists reach into you on a mysterious level? What music first sparked your desire to be a musician?
Below are listed some of the artists who influenced me early on, have impacted me along the way or continue to motivate me today. Check ’em out!
(P.S. – I am amazed at the friends and experiences that come to mind in connection with the artists listed above. I am thankful for friends like Jonathan Napier, Les White, Jason Dominy, Brandt Sims, Mark Sherling, Jim Fountain, Keith Warburg, Jamey Bozeman, Shannon Lewis, Heinz Wegner, Clint Knight, Scott Turner, Buddy Illian, Patrick Spurlock, Randy Chester, Mary Brewer and so many more! Thank you for sharing music & life with the rest of us. If we could only be in the same room together once or twice a year…)
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