Lost in Translation? Not Any More!

Making sure Daniel’s tone isn’t lost in translation!

Daniel Parrish is a friend and customer of ours.  Many folks in our community know him either as an employee for the City of Moultrie or for his event production business, Lights Sound Action. What you may not know about Daniel is that he is a singer/songwriter too and has just recorded his first album!

Daniel has a couple of beautiful acoustic guitars.  One is a high-dollar Gibson. The other is a Harmony wearing the aftermath of a sticker-ambush at the hands of his kids.  Guess which guitar Daniel prefers to play? Yep, the Harmony. Not because of the stickers alone… I set it up a few months back and found that it is a very well-made guitar with a great feel and sound. It is definitely in a different category than most Harmony guitars and I can understand Daniel’s love for it. Once you play her, she practically begs to be picked up again.

Daniel brought the ol’ Harmony back by the shop to be upgraded with a bone saddle. What’s the deal with bone? Most inexpensive guitars come from the manufacturer with a plastic saddle. The saddle is the primary place where the vibration of the strings translates to the top of the guitar. The top of the guitar is what give the instrument its tone and volume. Any material through which the string vibration moves colors and impacts the sound of the guitar. Plastic is a softer material than bone and causes some loss in translation. A bone saddle makes a difference in the sound of the guitar.

The thing about upgrading to a bone saddle or nut is that it has to be custom shaped. Plastic saddles come pre-shaped, but a pre-shaped bone saddle is a rare bird. With little effort I was able to custom-shape a beautiful bone saddle to replace Daniel’s old plastic one. Once the strings were in place and taught, I strummed them with baited breath… would the tone be impacted that much? Answer: yes. Noticeably impacted.

A bone saddle is a great way to get an inexpensive upgrade on your acoustic. You can bump up your tone for less than $40… and good tone is worth much more than that!

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