Dot – A Story of Love, Loss and Old Strings

Here’s a sad story for ya… I once had a beautiful red Epiphone Dot electric guitar (335 copy) that I loved. It was the first electric guitar that I picked out for myself.  For years I played that guitar with a handful of bands.  Loved it.  Really loved it.

Then my first adult job came along.  No more bands.  I wasn’t much of a lead guitarist at the time, so the Dot was relegated to a case in the closet in favor of my acoustic.  The ol’ box dreadnaught seemed more conducive to my nightly solo gig in my living room for an imaginary audience.
Giving my brother’s acoustic a TLC treatment.

Then one day I pulled my Dot out of the closet and… GASP!!!  The strings were corroded.  The frets were tarnished.  I could NOT believe the neglect I had allowed my prized guitar to suffer.  I was so ashamed, so deeply ashamed.  I decided in that moment to pass my precious Dot along to an owner who would play her regularly and not allow such shame to befall her.  And I have regretted it ever since.

Moral of the story?  If your beloved guitar has corroded strings and tarnished frets, don’t make any rash decisions!  We can help!  For $10 plus the cost of strings, we can restring your guitar.  For $20 plus the cost of strings we can give her a TLC treatment, complete with fingerboard cleaning & oiling and a body polish.  Come on… show your guitar some love.  She’s been good to ya.  Return the favor.
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