Student Band Highlight – Kickfire

We teach lessons.  Lots of ’em.  Most of our students are learning acoustic or electric guitar, but we have quite a few folks learning to play drums, piano and bass… with the occasional mandolin strummer or violin fiddler.  We also teach students to play together in a band setting.  Once they have achieved an intermediate level of effeciency with their instrument, they are able to begin working on arrangement, orchestration, tone, dynamics, etc in the context of a musical unit (i.e., band).  They learn to work as a team, choose songs to perform and begin to develop a personality as a band.  It’s loads of fun!
We started our band program nine months ago (January 2011) and have really enjoyed helping these musicians achieve their goals.  Check out this video clip of one of our student bands, Kickfire, playing at a baby shower at our store on September 24, 2011.  This band consists of Cheyenne Dahlgren (vocals / guitar / bass), JW Griffin (guitar / piano), James Mercer (guitar / bass), Presley Thomas (guitar / bass) and Brandon Yates (drums).

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