iTune… my guitar :)

Here at Beans & Strings, our instructor team uses a teaching method for guitar lessons that I wrote called Studio 4 Guitar Method.  This approach allows the instructor to customize the lesson with songs that the student likes while teaching concepts, vocabulary and skills that a student should learn in each level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as he/she progresses as a guitarist.  We have button awards that students can earn which coincide with these goals (think of buttons for Boy Scouts or stripes on a karate belt).

This month the instructor team has chosen the iTune award as our program-wide concentration.  Students are encouraged to work toward this award during September and October and try to earn it within the next few weeks.  To earn this award, the student must be able to tune the guitar by four different methods: with an electronic tuner, with the fifth-fret method, by harmonics and in relation to a piano.

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