Long-Distance Guitar Lessons via Skype!

Oh, the wonders of modern technology!  Several months ago one of my most promising guitar students, Robert Jacobs, moved 45 miles away to Albany.  As we parted ways, I recommended a few places where he could find lessons.  Robert was progressing so well… it would be a shame for him to falter in his learning because of this relocation.

A few weeks after his family was settled in to their new locale, he called me and said, “Mr. Eric – I have tried to find lessons here but I’m not happy with my options.  Have you ever considered teaching lessons over Skype?”  (Skype is a video-chatting software.)  This was a new idea for me, though I later came to find that other teachers were building significant business around long-distance live lessons.  We test-ran a guitar lesson over the video-chatting program and found that, though it has its limitations, it worked pretty well!  We are able to see one another, share computer screens, type notes that can be consulted later and send links to resources.

I look forward to Robert’s occasional trips to Moultrie to visit his grandparents.  When he’s here, we try to grab a face-to-face lesson.  No video chatting format or YouTube lesson can take the place of live instruction with a good teacher.  However, technology sure makes more (fun) options available!

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