MailChimp hearts Jason Dominy

My first real foray into gourmet coffee occurred when I met this ragamuffin in Athens named Jason Dominy.  He was the manager of The Bean’ry, a non-profit coffee shop a block or two from the music mecca’s legendary downtown.  The Bean’ry was a great hangout where poor college kids and the down-and-out could get a real cup of coffee for donations (or free).  Great music and conversations happened in this hip hang-out.  Sounds familiar, ehe?

I was reading an article on the website for Atlanta-based email marketing company MailChimp. They used the words “coffee aficionado” and the blue underlined text begged me to follow the link and see who they dubbed with this honor.  As I clicked, the thought came to mind, “What if it’s Jason?”  Sure enough, it was!  I bee-lined it over to Facebook to comment on Jason’s wall regarding this cool coincidence.  When I did, he shared a link to a video on his blog where he ambushed MailChimp’s office with some for-real coffee skills.  Check it out.

By the way, Jason gave me pivotal advice when I was getting things together to open Beans & Strings.

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