Rocking RB Wright with The Gilbert Girls!

The Gilbert Girls and Eric @ RB Wright Elementary

Today I had the privilege to play some rock & roll at RB Wright Elementary School’s chapel program with The Gilbert Girls!  No, not the cast from the popular TV show from years past; this girl power trio consists of Morgan Gilbert (4th grade – guitar & vocals), Courtney Gilbert (1st grade – drums & vocals) and their mom, Nicole Gilbert (bass).  These ladies have taken lessons at Beans & Strings since early 2010 and have had a BLAST doing the family band thing… and they are much cooler than The Partridge Family, I might add!  We played a four-song set to help the faculty and administration at RB Wright kick off their 2011-2012 reading theme, “Reading Rocks!”  And dude, did this chapel program ever ROCK!

It wasn’t long after I began playing guitar in 1994 that I found myself linked up with three other learners with rock & roll aspirations… and we were in “the band.”  We played like crazy for five years, finding any church youth group, friend’s garage or pool deck that would serve as a platform for our music.  I learned through this experience that the DIY just-for-kicks rock band is a great way to fall in love with music and learn to do it better.  That’s why we look for opportunities to allow our students to perform.  Whether it’s through our quarterly Student Showcase Concerts, our band program or local festivals (like May Day in Doerun or Spring Fling right here on the square), any forgiving and encouraging platform for performance is a GREAT thing!  Every budding musician needs the experience of practicing like mad, getting pre-stage jitters, hitting that first note without fainting, playing through the mistakes and coming off stage to a crowd of adoring friends and family members.  Pulses race and adrenaline rushes… and a lifelong love affair with music is born.
A special thanks goes out to assistant principle Mr. Brad Gregory for inviting us to participate in this chapel program.  We hope to be back soon!
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